Ultimate Guide to Green Business Ideas

green business ideasNeed a little green business inspiration? Then you’ve come to the right place. This ultimate guide to green business ideas is chock full of creative, innovative green business opportunities that are growing rapidly in today’s green economy.

Green Online Business Ideas

An internet business is a great way to work from home while contributing to the green economy. Whether you want to start a business that promotes green products, help to provide consumers with ideas for how to live a greener lifestyle, create games and apps with a green message for computers and mobile devices, or make it easier for treehuggers to connect online, we’ve got green business ideas you’ll find irresistible:

  • Green authority site
  • Green social shopping network
  • Green flash sales site
  • Green P2P websites
  • Green membership sites
  • Green internet coach
  • Green Q&A site
  • Green social games
  • Green ad server
  • Green apps
  • Carpooling site
  • Stuff exchange site
  • Affiliate marketing for solar power and wind power products
  • Online retail for eco-friendly clothing
  • Organic coffee retail sales online
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) networking sites
  • Green cosmetics and personal care product retailing online

Green Home Business Ideas

If you like to work from home – or have to in order to be close to your family – then you need a green business idea that you can build from within your own four walls. Here are some interesting green home business ideas you’ll love:

  • Green day home for children
  • Energy efficiency consulting
  • Green interior design
  • Green writing
  • Green agriculture and gardening consulting
  • Green travel agency

Green Transportation Business Ideas

Transportation makes a huge impact on climate change, especially when we’re talking about burning fossil fuels to power them. The world needs more green entrepreneurs interested in green business opportunities like these:

  • Researching energy efficient vehicle design
  • Mass transit operations
  • Car pooling company owner
  • Electric bike sales and rental
  • Battery technology research
  • Energy efficient car services
  • Green car rental services
  • Bicycle sales and repair
  • Bike sharing programs
  • Green cab company
  • Advocate for alternative transportation

Green Product Development Business Ideas

The consumer goods and retail industry is massive, with plenty of opportunities for creative entrepreneurs to find a niche that’s eco-friendly and sustainable, especially given the growing demand for sustainable, non-toxic, safe products. Consider these green business ideas for this industry to see if any of them might suit your interests and skills:

  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Green cleaning products
  • Organic fiber production
  • Recycled fiber clothing design
  • Online retail for eco-friendly clothing
  • Organic food sales
  • Green cleaning products
  • Natural, non-toxic cosmetics and personal care products
  • Eco-friendly school and office supplies
  • Natural, organic housewares
  • Green interior design products
  • Home remodelling products such as paints, stains, and building materials
  • Recycled and reusable products for everyday
  • Organic pet care products
  • Organic baby foods and products
  • Eco-friendly dishes, flatware, and food containers
  • Organic gardening and landscaping products
  • Water saving products
  • Energy saving products

Resource Reuse Green Business Ideas

Reusing products rather than buying things made from virgin materials is more eco-friendly in so many ways. It saves resources, reduces ecosystem destruction, reduces energy and water consumption, and cuts the waste sent to landfills. Virtually anything can be reused in one form or another, offering a wide range of green business opportunities:

  • Furniture recycling business
  • Stuff exchange networks
  • Tool sharing cooperatives
  • Composting consulting
  • Vermicomposting sales and consulting
  • Building materials reuse and exchange
  • Food cooperatives and exchanges
  • Clothing swaps
  • Housewares exchange service
  • Salvage and repair services

Organic Landscaping and Agriculture Business Ideas

Our green landscapes are a reflection of how we view the rest of the environment, and as such, should reflect our commitment to sustainability. If you love being outdoors and working with the soil, then you’ll want to consider some of these green business ideas for working in agriculture or landscaping:

  • Organic ranching
  • Irrigation system design and installation
  • Bioswale designer
  • Porous concrete design and sales
  • Organic farming
  • Home gardening consultant
  • Organic landscape services
  • Green landscape design
  • Organic coffee grower and roaster
  • Grocery store or cooperative owner
  • Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA)
  • Urban farming
  • Community gardening
  • Native plant nursery
  • Green lawn services
  • Electronics reuse and recycling

Renewable Energy Business Ideas

Climate change is a serious concern, but so is our economy. Investing in clean, renewable energies that are generated at home is a great way to gain energy independence, provide fabulous green jobs, and wean ourselves off of unsustainable fuels like oil and gas. There are numerous green business opportunities in the renewable energy industry just waiting for emerging green entrepreneurs to try out:

  • Solar design, sales and installation
  • Geothermal design, sales, and installation
  • Wind energy design, sales, and installation
  • Micro hydro design, sales, and installation
  • Biofuel development and research
  • Renewable energy manufacturing
  • Solar lighting design and installation
  • Research and development into renewable energy
  • Heat recovery system design and installation
  • Smart grid research and development
  • Solar and wind farm development
  • Renewable energy financing and investment
  • Renewable system engineers

Energy Efficiency Business Ideas

Both business owners and consumers are interested in saving money on utility bills, and that’s easily done with the many opportunities for saving energy in homes, commercial buildings, on the manufacturing line, and the like. The need for energy efficiency touches every area of our lives, which means there are a substantial number of green business ideas in this space:

  • Smart grid technology research and design
  • Energy efficient electronics design and sales
  • Energy meter installation
  • Energy auditing
  • Furnace and duct cleaning services
  • Green building retrofits
  • Cool roof designers and installers
  • Green roof designers and installers
  • Green building product design and manufacturing
  • Smart meter design and installation
  • Energy efficient vehicle design and manufacturing
  • Efficiency consultants for IT professions
  • Green data center design and construction
  • Training for efficiency for IT professionals

Green Financing Business Ideas

The green economy requires new ways of thinking about financing. Today’s cleantech and green product industries are funded by angel investors, venture capitalists, large corporations, and individuals alike, all of whom need to hear about the next big green invention and how to get involved. If you’re a math or finance person, consider starting an eco-business based on one of these green business ideas:

  • Green financial planner
  • Green investment advisor
  • Green insurance sales
  • Green attorney
  • Green microfinancing consultant
  • Online green finance community building
  • Crowdfunding advocate

Green Building Business Ideas

Buildings account for a huge proportion of our energy and resource consumption, and therefore represent substantial opportunities for improvement when it comes to sustainability. The green building industry is growing rapidly, with numerous green business opportunities from which to choose:

  • Energy efficient lighting design and installation
  • Water filtration design and installation
  • Storm water management services
  • Green toilet and plumbing design and installation
  • Green landscaping design and service
  • Heat recovery system services
  • Green interior design
  • Green architecture
  • Water efficiency consulting and system design
  • Health building experts
  • Indoor air quality professionals
  • Energy efficiency auditors
  • Green building retrofitters
  • Green roof design and installation
  • Cool roof design and installation
  • Renewable energy system design and installation
  • Green building materials research and sales
  • Green janitorial services

Green Service Industry Business Ideas

Consumers and business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the need to choose more sustainable products and services, not only for environmental protection, but also for human health. There are many green business opportunities in this space, regardless of your interests or educational background.

  • Green plumbing services
  • Green cleaning or maid services
  • Waste management services
  • Recycling services
  • Eco-friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Green writing and communications
  • Eco-tourism planner
  • Green marketing expertise
  • Eco consulting and coaching
  • Organic catering service
  • Organic bakery
  • Green salons
  • Green janitorial services
  • Wet cleaning services (and other greener alternatives to dry cleaning)

Green Hospitality Business Ideas

The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the biggest in the world, meaning there are billions of dollars spent by consumers for leisure and recreational activities every year. That means a huge potential for making a positive impact for the environment if you’re interested in taking advantage of one of these green business opportunities:

  • Green bed and breakfast
  • Organic nursery and plant gardens
  • Green remodelling business
  • Eco-friendly hotel
  • Green library or bookstore
  • Eco tourism tour company
  • Green cleaning and laundering company
  • Eco-friendly spa business
  • Green vehicle rental company
  • Green airline
  • Green restaurateur
  • Green food cart or coffee cart

Creative Green Business Ideas We Love

If the preceding collection of green business ideas wasn’t enough to get you fired up about being a green entrepreneur, check out this list of creative green business ideas we love at GreenMarketing.TV:

  1. How to Start a Grey Water Recycling Systems Installation Business: Grey water systems help businesses and homeowners save water and money, and are fantastic for the environment.
  2. How to Open an Eco-friendly Apartment Complex: Where we live has a huge impact on our environmental footprint. Eco-friendly apartment complexes save water and energy, reduce utility costs for tenants, and are healthier, more productive places to live.
  3. How To Start a Home-Based Organic Herb Business: A creative combination of green business prowess for the garden-lover/culinary enthusiast, with potential to work from home.
  4. How To Start a Green Courier Service: Give consumers and businesses an energy-conscious choice for shipping their goods.
  5. How To Start a Home-Based Permaculture Design Business: Permaculture is one of the most effective ways to prevent soil loss and restore deserts to productive lands again.
  6. 5 Unique Green Business Ideas in Sustainable Biofuel Production: Turn your land into biofuel-creating land that grows native, environmentally-friendly crops that benefit the environment and create fodder for fuel.
  7. Start a Wood Reclaiming Business: Among other great forestry-related green business ideas, a wood reclaiming business is both hands-on and creative work.
  8. Open a Vegan Catering Business: Make it easy and delicious for people to cut down on their meat and dairy consumption with a vegan catering and home-cooked meal service business.
  9. How To Start an Organic Flower Business: Bring cheer and joy to people’s lives without the environmental consequences by starting an organic flower business that grows and sells blooms without the use of harsh chemicals and too much water.
  10. How To Start a Green Travel Agency: Make people’s eco vacation dreams come through by helping them plan sustainable travel excursions and adventures around the globe.

We have reams of other green business ideas throughout the site. Poke around – we’re sure you’ll find something that inspires you!